date_rangeSeptember 6, 7 and 8

location_onParada D. Pedro V e Largo da Câmara Municipal

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personC.M. Vendas Novas | +351 265 807 700

Festivals, Fairs

Festas do Concelho de Vendas Novas

On September 7, 1962 Vendas Novas woke up differently. It felt a renewed force running through its veins … After standing out as a point of passage between Lisbon and Spain, being a land of princesses, Vendas Novas began a new chapter of its history. It was reborn and became a municipality. To celebrate this moment, the Municipality organizes every year the Festas do Concelho, with a program that reaches the different generations, generates greater involvement, enthusiasm and joy! Together with the quality of the musical program, there is the presence of writers, exhibitions, bullfighting, children’s amusements, traditional games, handicrafts and the always healthy conviviality around the food stalls. Come on and have fun!

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