date_range29 a 31 de MARÇO

location_onAntigo Castelo de Vila Ruiva

personC.M. Cuba

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Festivals, Fairs

Fair of Vila Ruiva (Cuba)

The Medieval Fair of Vila Ruiva returns on March 29th, 30th and 31st.
With the merchants, artisans, regattas and architects of a once noble area of ​​the village, as it is the area where the Castle was once erected, the initiative is “an invitation to a trip to the past and to the history of Vilaruivense, in a scenario where they will mix up the preaching, struggles and torments typical of the Middle Ages. ”
There will be three days of historical recreation, in a program filled with moments like royal processions, demonstrations of arms, tournaments of horses on horseback and fertilization of knights, among others, along with the tasty eating and thirsty drinking in the taverns of the market.

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