date_range 27 April

location_onArmazém 8


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Festivals, Music, Cinema, Theater

ELOS – Armazém 8

The cycle of shows” ELOS – Armazém8 “consists of a set of 12 shows, one per month, which will take place in a showroom, in the Armazém8 space, and outdoors in the summer (in public spaces).
It seeks a mix between the horizons of tradition and musical identity of the Alentejo region and world music (national and international), in an attempt to combine traditional forms of identity expressions in their essence and in more updated and remixed ways, with artistic expressions of different origins, but which influence each other, converge and have points of
communion with each other: “ELOS” (links).

30 March, 27 de April, 25 de May, 29 de June, 27 de July, 31 de August, 28 de September, 26 de October, 30 de November e 28 de December.

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